the Beatrice Collective

Join us to dream up & create personalized fashion together!

Is this you?

You've poured hours of your precious time and money into creating a handmade wardrobe but you're not completely in love with your makes. You know how to sew - what gives?

Perhaps you're playing with an idea for a look but aren't quite sure how to start. Or maybe that perfect fit is eluding you...what does this drag line mean?? 

And that free Facebook sewing group filled with uninformed opinions is not helping one bit.

Well, we've got you covered!

Meet the Beatrice Collective

Over the course of running Beatrice Forms, we've noticed that while there's a ton of resources out there for beginners, there's not much for more advanced sewists like you who want to go beyond just sewing straight out of the envelope. 

What you don't need is another basic sewing tutorial or sew-along. That's already out there in spades. 

By joining the Beatrice Collective, you'll instead discover a better resource to up your game - a group of seasoned, equally ambitious sewists and apparel experts who can help you get unstuck and finally achieve the look and fit you’ve been searching for. 

Do you see yourself as your own personal fashion designer? We do. 

Join us in the Beatrice Collective to transform your garment making practice from simply sewing other people’s patterns to designing your own personalized fashion that feels amazing to wear.

What you'll get with your membership

⚡️ Jumpstart your creativity with fun monthly themed activities and special events

⚡️ Master advanced techniques in our premium courses like Learn to Drape and Sleeves & Armscyes

⚡️ Access early registration for classes and workshops

⚡️ Get professional 1-on-1 support by joining our premium group The Studio, home of Whole Garment Lab with Gabby Brown

We're excited to meet you. 🙌

Come make fashion with us!